More than the mac and cheese OR When thank you is no longer enough.

“I’m sorry. Thank you” — Malcolm

“You’re welcome” — Marie

It’s cryptic for sure. Many watching might say a little over-the-top even. Exaggerated. An hour forty-six minute tirade with no end in sight. Maybe a murder mystery. But for me, more than anything, there was a glaring reality overshadowed by many of the other artistic aspects.

No one ever says thank you to Black women.

My lens. My filter. Yes. The distillation, no less pure.

We are complex. No doubt about it. We want more than most folks are willing to give. Assuredly. Our partners especially…unfortunately. Because in the midst…

I am one of those 80s babies who likes to believe that the 90s was the greatest era in musical history. So when the image began to circulate for the Verzuz between self-proclaimed Bay Area legends Too $hort and E-40, I promptly added the event to my calendar.

And I must admit, I couldn’t have been more proud to be from the Bay. Deep East Oakland more specifically. Although the predicaments of time, age and purported upward mobility had me straddling the fence of authenticity, for those 3.5 …

Tonesha Russell

On a journey of faith. One day at a time.

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